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211 Replies to “Kriya Attendance”

  1. 6.45am to 7.42am..My soul was longing for practice…to get connected. Decided to do practice the very first thing in the morning. Feeling uplifted and blessed. Thank you Param dat universe chose u yo show me path. Love &light

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  2. 4:30 AM – 5:50 AM
    My practice time is gradually shifting from 3:10 AM to 4:30 AM.
    I try not to force my wake up time, instead I get up when I feel awake or we can say when I feel not so sleepy.

    And today my practice was much better than last few days.
    The preliminary kriyas are very essential as they prepare the breath and psychic pathway for major kriyas like Maha Mudra and beyond.

    It’s like warming up properly before going to play in field. The performance is completely different.

    In our case the peace and bliss is completely different 🙂

    Keep on doing kriyas my dear students. I would like to see all of you to ascend from the status of my-studentship to my-friendship.

    And the only way to ascend is, KRIYA Practice.
    No lectures, no motivation speeches, nothing else. Only kriya practice.

    Yogasth Bhava.


  3. Highest attendance reward for Kriya:

    I am happy to announce that Anoop has received the highest kriyas practice attendance reward for October 2017.

    She got a 2 hours regression session with me at no cost.

    She went through the regression session on 7th Oct. So I would ask her to write a review about her session and share her experience about the session.

    That review will be added to the testimonial section of this website as well.


  4. 7.30 to 8.30 pm spent 1 hour in one kriya of dharna…sushumana darshn and experience was beyond words. I realized each chakra tell it’s own story and it helped to rise above lower vibrations to higher . Good to balance ur emotions, state of mind, feelings.


  5. 5 AM – 6 AM

    Felt tired as it seemed that I had light flu. But at the same time, I was not able to sleep. So decided to sit straight for few mins and see what happens.

    Then I decided to just do Pranayam and Bandhas and thought that I will rest after that.

    But once I started practice, my strength started to come back and then there was no stopping. Completed all kriyas, did harmony healing and then slept peacefully.


  6. 3 AM – 4 AM
    Trying to get back to routine.
    It seems that I had got distracted from my discipline for last few days. Now I am trying to come back to track.

    Discipline(SADHNA) is the key.

    Felt satisfied and peaceful, did harmony healing and slept peacefully.

    Yogasth Bhava.


  7. 7:30 – 8 AM
    Did pratyahara kriyas. Then had to do some household works.

    8:30 – 9 AM
    Did dharna kriyas.

    Although it is more effective to do complete practice in one session, but when there is no other option then one can take a break in practice and then resume afterwards.

    Better something then nothing.


  8. 3:37 AM – 4:23 AM
    Got up just when braham mahoorat was going to start.
    So immediately sat down and did some pranayam and then started kriyas as told by my guru for this particular moment.

    Finished my practice with a satisfaction and then slept peacefully.


  9. 3:00 AM – 4:15 AM
    Getting up was tough. So when I got up, I just sat for few mins, doing nothing in Dhayana mudra.
    After some mins it felt like I can start my practice. So started with it and completed it.
    Felt a satisfaction and peace.


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