What other Twin Flames have to say


As we all know that all the events in our life are predestined by God almighty. My life changed for good when I attended a group meditation session. It was conducted by Yogi Jnana Param, who is Twin Flames Coach.

During the meditation I met my twin flame. Meeting her was a beautiful experience & I came back home somewhere healed but at same time looking forward to more of such meditations.

Soon started on this path of exploring self under Sir’s guidance. He has been helping me on this spiritual path with his various tools & of course precious guidance.

He has been an inspiration throughout & like a true mentor has always provided me with all the requisite aids to maintain harmonious relationship with my Twin Flame.



I am always grateful for his guidance and initiative towards beginning of my spiritual journey.

Learning Kriya Kundalini Yoga is the best gift that any human can give to himself or others in the lifetime.

This can happen only with the blessings of Guru, who shows the path and above all correct technique which is very important.

I begin to understand that our Twin Flame plays a significant role and acts as a guide to accelerate this journey.

I feel blessed to have an opportunity to be in contact with Yogi Jnana Param and through him with Yogi Buddhadeva(Guru ji) to understand the very purpose of human life i.e

  • To LEARN,
  • To SERVE,
  • To GROW
  • by following BLISSIPLINE OF KRIYA.

Rajesh Garg